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about us

Welcome to Family Word Centre

The Family Word Centre is a Centre for Bible based activities aimed at reconnecting children, parents and adults to God. This is exhibited through teachings, training, recreational and Biblical based events and activities that is Christ centered.

Stay connected to God through his word 

who we are

Our Mission

Word Centre Ministry’s mission is to help children and adults reconnect and stay connected to God through His Word, His creation, and community.

What we do

We deliver the message of reconnection by providing opportunities for rest, retreat, renewal, recreation and learning.

Wordcentre is home for 

Our Activities

our vision

To build a better society by preparing and equipping the children for tomorrow leadership positions through early knowledge and fear of GOD .
To re-enforce morals into the society.
When children are bombarded with a variety of secular messages 15 hours a day, then there is a need to give them a clear godly alternative.